Talking Reckless: MEND Threatens Terror Attacks On Mosques, Imams & Islamic Schools

Movement for the Emancipation of the Niger Delta (MEND) has said it will start a bombing campaign against mosques and Islamic institutions, a week after the rebel group said it killed 15 security personnel in the southern oil-producing Bayelsa state.

“The bombings of mosques, haj camps, Islamic institutions, large congregations in Islamic events and assassinations of clerics that propagate doctrines of hate will form the core mission of this crusade,” MEND spokesman Jomo Gbomo said in an e-mailed statement today. The campaign, codenamed “Barbarossa,” will start May 31, it said.

MEND may consider a cease-fire if the Christian Association of Nigeria, the Catholic Church and the group’s suspected leader Henry Okah intervene, according to the statement. The threat comes as the government of President Goodluck Jonathan battles Islamist militants in the mainly Muslim north and the capital, Abuja, in which hundreds of people have died since 2009.

MEND, the main rebel group in the the area, destroyed a Royal Dutch Shell Plc (RDSA) oil well in Nembe in southern Bayelsa state yesterday as part of an operation it calls “Hurricane Exodus,” Gbomo said.

Precious Okolobo, a Lagos-based spokesman for Shell’s Nigerian unit, said he couldn’t confirm the attack when contacted by phone today.

Facebook founder, Mark Zuckerberg expected in Nigeria next month

There are reports that the Facebook founder, Mark Zuckerberg will be visiting Akwa Ibom state in May this year.

This was disclosed by Moses Siasia, the chairman of the Niger Delta Young Professionals, a non governmental group, while on a visit to the governor of the state, Godswill Akpabio.

Siasia said Zuckerberg had been invited as one of the guest speakers during his groups youth economic summit, scheduled to hold in Uyo from May 28 to May 29.

The chairman said that young professionals from the Niger Delta were coming together to promote entrepreneurship, looking at economic challenges in the area.

The governor pledged his support towards the hosting of the summit, commending the youths for not engaging in militancy.

20 Women Raped, Police Van Burnt As Hoodlums Invade Town In Delta

There is apprehension in Agbarha-Otor kingdom in Ughelli North Local Government Area of Delta State following a reign of terror unleashed on the people by hoodlums in the last few days.

The Area Commander, Ughelli, Assistant Commissioner of Police, ACP, Awosola Awotinde confirmed to Saturday Vanguard that 34 persons were in police net in connection with the orgy of violence.

(Not actual photo from event)

It was gathered that no fewer than 20 women and girls, including an eight-year-old daughter of the Vicar of an Anglican church in the community were raped by the hooligans, who also set ablaze a police patrol vehicle.

A number of police officers were, at the outset, sent to the palace of the monarch of Agbarha-Otor, His Royal Majesty Richard Oghenevwogaga, Ebelle-Okorefe I, to secure the king’s abode following a breakdown of law and order in the community, Wednesday night, but rampaging hoodlums overpowered them.

At press time, last night, the monarch has relocated from the palace for safety reason, while the Area Commander, Ughelli, has reinforced security in the town. Saturday Vanguard also sighted soldiers in the troubled community.

The hooligans, numbering about 100 were angry that the monarch refused to participate in the traditional “Ekene” festival on grounds that he is a Christian.

According to our source, “they wanted the king to make sacrifice to the deity, but he refused, saying he is a Christian and they should go ahead without him contributing money or cooking for them during the feast, as some of the priests and chiefs demanded.

“His refusal to take part in the feast infuriated the hooligans, who vowed to foment trouble and they executed their mission on Wednesday, the last day of the feast. The unfortunate thing is that some chiefs even supported their rebellion,” he added.

Saturday Vanguard learnt that hoodlums allegedly expelled from the community because of their criminal escapades, started with the clergyman because it was in his church that the king held a thanksgiving service recently.

Besides raping the  clergyman’s eight-year-old daughter, hospitalized because of the incident and other girls, they also hijacked the property of people, claiming that the deity wanted them.

A community leader said, the miscreants engaged in raping of women (married and single) since the festival, which is held once every 15 years started on 27th of March. It took a worrisome dimension Wednesday night as they invaded the Church’s vicarage, destroyed and looted properties worth  thousands of naira after making the vicar and his households undergo some inhuman treatments.”

According to our source, “on their way from the vicarage, they invaded the shop of the Queen Mother of Agbarha-Otor and raided her shop; they stole wines and practically every other thing in the shop and also vandalized the freezer.”

9 Killed As Suspected Islamists Strike In Yobe

Nine persons have been confirmed dead in a renewed clash between security forces and suspected extremist group, Boko Haram in Babbangida town of Yobe state.

Babbangida is the capital of Tarmuwa Local Government Area and is 50 kilometres north of Damaturu the state capital.

Witnesses said the gunmen stormed the Divisional Police Station of the area at the early hours of Thursday and opened fire at the policemen on duty in an encounter that lasted for almost an hour.

The State Commissioner of Police, Sanusi Rufai, who confirmed the incident to Channels Television in Damaturu, said the suspected Islamic terrorists attacked the Divisional Police Station around 1:00am in a shoot out that lasted for an hour.

Though the police repelled the attack, Mr Rufai confirmed that the commands lost four of its personnel in the encounter while two sustained injuries and are receiving treatment in an undisclosed hospital.

He said the police however killed five of the insurgents and injured many but the hoodlums who were in high number went away with their casualties as the authentic number could not be ascertained.

He recalled that this week has being a challenging one for security men in the state; they will not rest on their oars in the search for a sustained peace in the state.

“We will continue to discharge our responsibility as security men by ensuring that law abiding citizen have a condusive atmosphere to go on with their legitimate business.”

The commissioner called for support from the public towards lasting peace in the state.

The attack is coming four days after the insurgents had attacked men of the military Joint Task Force (JTF) in Tumbulgi Village of Geidam local Government Area of the state.

It would also be recalled that the insurgents had in December 2001 attacked Babbangida town setting the local Government Secretariat and the Divisional Police Station ablaze.

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